R70ST system is part of the traditionally known as Stick solutions. This model is characterized by the fixation of the glass-sheet to the joinery by means of a structural-silicone-glued frame, always without shift. R70ST is the most adequate system to integrate elements in the façade, such as walkways or double glass skins. The supporting pieces for these complements are to be guided along the opened joint between glass pieces, guaranteeing a correct sealing. The finishing is, therefore, totally uniform with an opened 20 mm wide joint between glass pieces.

The main advantages are:

  • Absorption of movements of the building’s structure.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs.
  • Façade-plane integrated openings, without evident aesthetic changes inwards or outwards.

Maximum glazing thickness: 50 mm

Transmittance: Ucw from 1.2 (W/m2K)

Multiple finishing available

  • Airproof:  (UNE-EN 12153:2000): CLASE E900
  • Waterproof: (UNE-EN 12155:2000): CLASE RE1200
  • Waterproof: (UNE-EN 13055:2011): Laboratory test under dynamic air pressure and water projection: Positive pressures: PASS Negative pressures: PASS.
  • Wind load resistance: (UNE-EN 12179:2001): Positive pressures: PASS (2204 Pa) Negative pressures: PASS (3035 Pa)
  • Resistance to soft and heavy body impact: Behavior requirements: (UNE-EN 14109:2017). Security and classification requirements (UNE-EN 13049:2003): Inside Class I5. Outside Class E5
  • Resistance to loads for horizontal use (UNE 85238: 1991): PASS 0.8 KN/m