R50SG Riventi

R50SG curtain wall system is part of the traditionally known as Stick solutions. What characterizes this model is the glass-sheet fixation to the joinery by means of a cramp iron integrated in the glass-sheet itself. Riventi’s main contribution to this model is the easy assembly process, as well as the glass maintenance in case o breakage, since it is only necessary to unmounts the affected piece of glass.

Maximum glazing thickness: 50 mm.
Transmittance: Ucw from 1.2 (W/m².K).

Multiple finishing available

  • Airproof: (UNE-EN 12153:2000): CLASE AE750
  • Waterproof: (UNE-EN 12155:2000): CLASE RE2100
  • Wind load resistance: (UNE-EN 12179:2000): PASS (1750 Pa)