Modular RDS

Modular RDS

Riventi is a Pioneer in the application of modular systems, integrating different finishes, such as glass, stone or aluminum.

The main advantages of this model consist in the ease of on-site assembly, since the modules have already been completely terminated, assembled and glazed at our factory. This allows a fast and safe installation from inside the supporting structure WITHOUT exterior scaffolding, being able to reach installed surfaces of up to 350 m2/day.

Structural not shifted glazing (VEE), on independent frame and guaranteed fixation over anodized aluminum frame.

Transmittance: Ucw from1.2  (W/m².K)

Common 70 mm metal shapes for mullions and rails, covering a wide inertia range.

Multiple finishing available

Triple proof joint between structure and frames, with EPDM profiles and polymerized silicone, constituting an airlock in between.

Exterior water and air proof guaranteed by silicone profiles, which permit to lodge all kind of elements such as horizontal shading devices, “brise-soleil”, walkways, canopies…

Acoustic and firebreak solutions at the slab edge keeping the exterior continuity.

Reception of partitions and electric columns.

  • Airproof: (UNE-EN 12153:2000): CLASS A1, Practicable CLASS 2
  • Waterproof: (UNE-EN 12155:2000): CLASS R5
  • Wind load resistance: (UNE-EN 12179:2000): PASS (Design load 1000 Pa and -1000Pa)
  • Impact load resistance: (UNE-EN 14019:2004): Free fall height 450mm; Exterior E3, Interior I3
  • Alive horizontal load resistance: (UNE-EN 1991-1-1:2003): Absence of break or fault
  • Fire resistance

Both interior and exterior opening joinery are integrated in the modular system.